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Royer Adames
Full stack web developer

The problem my team and I are trying to solve is how to get real instances of police use of force, and how to best inform the general public about it.

Police use of force dashboard

The Chief Technology Officer of HRF, Welton Chang, came to my team wanting a web application that collected data from different online sources like Washington post police shooting data, Twitter #policebrutality, and Reddit subreddit police brutality. My team and I deliver a web application that collects data from stakeholder’s resources and showcases the data with different graphs.

Possible solution: change the download path from the google settings.’

Remember to scape your string and have it based on your drive.


The script will make the folder if the folder does not exist.

The puppeteer way

const downloadBrowser = await puppeteer.launch({env: {PUPPETEER_DOWNLOAD_PATH: "D:\\Lambda\\projects\\puppeteer_test"}});

The bound to change the way

// set download location to local project pathawait page._client.send("Page.setDownloadBehavior", {behavior: "allow",downloadPath: "D:\\Lambda\\projects\\puppeteer_test",});

The custom way


Change button landing page

Creating a windows app port for the web app fbexplorer

How to setup React with Electron

Setting up Electron

video of Electron with React JS under 40 min!

Electron documentation

Quick start

Trying this Example

Clone and run the code in this tutorial by using the electron/electron-quick-start repository.

Note: Running this requires Git and npm.

# Clone the repository
$ git clone
# Go into the repository
$ cd electron-quick-start
# Install dependencies
$ npm install
# Run the app
$ npm start

For a list of boilerplates and tools to kick-start your development process, see the Boilerplates and CLIs documentation.


What does webpack — config…

CSS Box-Shadow tutorial: the basics
Box-shadow applying to an HTML div

The box-shadow CSS property adds shadow effects around an element's frame. You can set multiple effects separated by commas. A box-shadow is described by X and Y offsets relative to the element, blur and spread radius, and color.

      // x-offset y-offset blur spread colorbox-shadow: .5rem .5rem .5rem -.2rem currentColor;


  1. Install React
  2. Create a new repository in your GitHub
  3. Setup CSS
  4. Run npm start

1. Install React

Lambda comes from the Lambda Calculus and refers to anonymous functions in programming. Source. It’s also the name of my bootcamp, lambda school.

example of installing React
yarn create react-app <name of your repository> --template typescript

Read more about it.

Remove folder

If you made a mistake and wished to delete a folder, you can use the rm command to delete a full directory.


npm install normalize.css

import ‘normalize.css’ on react app file:

import ‘normalize.css’ on react app file

have this code before your custom CSS:

the code of Border-box fix and easy rem setup

After watching Kevin Powell video, link here

What I got out of it was that each tool depends on the use case:

shadow examples on CSS


  • great for square elements
  • for a boxy 📦 shadow
  • when you need spread-radius

Royer Adames

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