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Don’t fall for fake news, know the facts about police use of force in the USA

The problem my team and I are trying to solve is how to get real instances of police use of force, and how to best inform the general public about it.

Police use of force dashboard
user story in a Trello card

Technical Challenges


The partial look of HRF architecture
top_x_list endpoint passing all of its tests.
top_x_list endpoint and its validation
  • How to validate arrays with wildcards.
  • how to check req.body with body( ) method.
  • Learn and apply different validation chain with validator.js methods. For example, isAlpha() method makes the input be letters, and if not it activates an error.
  • How to use validationResult(req) to great a custom server responds when there is an invalid input.
Postman documentation for HRF REST API

Team contribution

My other teammate's teammates form two groups. The Data Science (DS) team, and the front-end (FE) team. The front-end team is responsible for the web UI, and the data science was responsible for the data generalization.

  • Issues with Redux hooks
  • Ant design tabs panes not working
  • Forms setup Ant design components and Redux hooks
  • The biggest issue was gathering the form inputs, and send them to the back-end for request.

Current State


That said, as the deadline approaches the team is fully aware that the project is still a work in progress. The graphs and mapping are not seamless. The data is limited, and the already built Machine Learning model needs to be deployed.

Final Lessons learn

This project had many opportunities. Opportunity, no time to explore the legacy code, and this were great for learning. I was able to learn how to take feedback from the stakeholder. His feedbacks lead to new features. This gave us some agility in responding to the rest of the team’s needs. When I ask the Data Science team for new data, they work promptly and thoroughly with great articulation of how much time they need to deliver the data.

Full stack web developer

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